Ann Bewah Wu

Ann Bewah Wu completed a Master of Fine Arts ( Design) in 1965 at the University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. She has worked as a printmaker and visual arts teacher in various secondary schools in Sydney.

Ann is a Sydney based artist specializing in printmaking and mixed media. She draws inspiration from her own emotional responses of the changing environment,hoping to create a relationship between nature and spirituality.

Her work echoes her belief that life is a journey in search of meaning. Much of Ann's work is about the human condition and the reconstruction of the past. Her images are defined by the explorative use of language and symbols.

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Anna Warren

The love of drawing has always been a driving force for Anna, and this is evident in her work. After studying printmaking initially while taking a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design at the London College of Printing (now University of the Arts, London), Anna took up printmaking again seriously in 1990, and began painting in oil in about 2002. She draws constantly in a variety of media, often experimentally.

Anna is inspired by the natural world, plants – fruits, flowers seeds, stalks – and living creatures, animal and human as well as skulls, bones and shells, and rocks and stones. It is the micro view rather than the big picture which fascinates her. Before starting an artwork Anna examines her subject matter closely, searching for small details that escape the casual observer. Even the most mundane objects have a beauty of their own. She will often draw and redraw a subject to take it to its most fundamental form and find its essence, often ending with an abstract image. Working in miniature encapsulates her love of detail.

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Barbara Davidson

Barbara works in a variety of print media including etching, lithography, calligraphy and artists books. She is a founding member of the Print Circle.

She has had 11 solo exhibitions and has contributed to many group exhibitions.

Her work is included in collections in Sweden, London, New Zealand, New York, Brazil, Czech Republic, National Gallery of Australia, Powerhouse Museum and State Libraries of NSW and Queensland. Barbara has had three commissions from the Print Council of Australia and her prints have received many awards.

Barbara has always pushed beyond the boundaries of technique. She sees details and explores the complexities of everyday objects and the subjects she knows best, her home and her city. She draws heavily on her domestic and harbour environment for inspiration. Her images are characterised by a rich density, fine detail and texture.

She is the subject of the book 'Barbara A Davidson' by Tanya Crothers, Milhau Press, 2001.

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Brenda Tye

Brenda Tye is a practicing artist who enjoys working in all mediums. Drawing forms the backbone to her visual arts practice, while classical ballet and music are subliminal influences. Her aim is to practice daily a holistic creative life, where by the process and act of doing is the drive and focus, rather than being overly concerned with achieving a physical outcome.

She is interested in the cross over of knowledge that comes from studying different art forms and how they can inform each other. Over the years she has specialized in printmaking, custom printing and collaborating with other artists on projects. She teaches through the AGNSW members program, National Art School and her own studio, The Art School Studio in Coogee.

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Carol Shaw

Carol is a woven textile designer originally from the UK, who has complimented her commercial work with printmaking since 2000. She began exhibiting in 2001 and joined the Print Circle in 2007. Carol's printmaking practise covers a broad range of mediums from zinc etchings, collagraphs, lino cuts, solar plates, dry points and wood cuts.

Often starting from a pictorial base of architecture, travel or nature Carol has a passion for combining multiple mediums within a work and experimenting with textures and design elements. To her it is often the "spontaneity of the unplanned" that becomes the most interesting and exciting aspect of a work.

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Chebi Badham

Chebi studied at East Sydney Technical College where her father, Herbert Badham was a teacher in the painting department. She graduated with a Diploma of Art, Hons, in 1948.

From 1949 - 1953 she lived and worked in London, UK, and Calcutta, India as an artist and art director for an advertising agency, which she continued to do after returning to Australia in 1954. She worked with Hanna Barbera in Sydney making animated films.

Her private art practice has been a life long passion and seen her travelling extensively to paint.

In 1991 Chebi began printmaking, studying at East Sydney Technical College in 1994.

Chebi has been a member of the Print Circle since 2001.

Christina Cordero

Christina is a Chilean born artist with many graduate and post graduate qualifications from international universities in Chile, France and Mexico City and Australia, where she migrated to in 1973.

Christina's images are a reflection of her life; they originate from her head, heart and soul. They embody stories, music and poems, real and surreal, past and present, personal and collective. Hers is a world 'in-between' cultures; this means no restrictive roots: she can float around in a boat, at sea or in the sky, hang from a star or hide behind the moon: a very enriching and liberating experience.

Symbols like the moon, fish, hands and others make reference to the world of women.

Christina is represented by Beaver Galleries, Canberra; Art Images, Adelaide and Port Jackson Press in Melbourne.

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Deborah Wilkinson

My work investigates the complexities of human nature where communication, relationships and emotions are explored; how we relate to ourselves, to others and to the world around us. The duality that we experience is also of interest to me; how we navigate the black and the white in life - living and dying, internal and external, proximity and distance, the known and the unknown.

Coming from a mixed media background, drawing, painting, collage and text are sometimes incorporated into my work.

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Debra Hannigan

Debra is a printmaker working mainly in the screenprinting medium. Her interest in printmaking started when she was attending Sydney College of the Arts and doing a degree in Visual Arts.

The images in Debra’s work are predominantly of animals in various situations and environments. She now lives on a farm and is starting to use images from that environment and incorporating animals and characters from the local area into her artwork.

Debra is exploring some other printmaking methods such as etching and linocuts.

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Edith Cowlishaw

Edith Cowlishaw was born in Adelaide and was strongly influenced by her aunt, a botanist and lover of Australian wildflowers. This love, as well as Edith's passion for bushwalking, has translated into her etchings of Sydney's flora.

Edith has held over thirty solo exhibitions in Brisbane, Newcastle, Maitland, Gosford, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart, as well as numerous joint and group exhibitions.

Her work is represented in the National Art Gallery, in the private collection of the Japanese royal family, in sister cities of Willoughby in Korea and Japan, and in many collections both in Australia and internationally.

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Helen Best

Helen is a founding member of the Print Circle.

She commenced printmaking at the Workshop Arts Centre in 1969 where she developed a particular interest in lithography and relief printing methods. She has continued working in these fields over 30 years, both as an artist and teacher.

Her preferred medium is still lithography. This allows the free use of colour which is fundamentally important to her. Helen chooses sensitive and mellow colours for her landscape work and vivid contrasts when working in the abstract. She also works in relief, in both lino and wood block, often using the 'reduction' technique. This is sometimes used in combination with lithography.

Helen has made artist books for many years and exhibits both locally and internationally.

Janet Carter

My printmaking started in 1981 studying lithography with Sue Buckley at the Workshop Art Centre. I started etching with Mieke Cohen in 2002. I also paint in watercolour and mixed media and sometimes incorporate watercolour painting techniques in my etchings. I like the drawing and unexpected aspects of etching. I mainly use zinc plates using sugarlift technique (a painterly way of etching) as well as hard ground and using aquatint and softground to create tone. I also use solar plates. My work is mostly concerned with landscape hoping to evoke a mood and sense of place.

I have held five solo exhibitions and taken part in many joint and group exhibitions-winning awards for my work.

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Jean Birrell

Jean trained in physiotherapy and practiced for a number of years. After taking up painting and print making at Willoughby Workshop Art Centre she spent three years studying for a Diploma of Fine Art at the National Art School mainly working in printmaking.

Her special interest is in landscape and the natural environment in general.

Lithography was the medium in which she started as a printmaker followed by woodblock, using both watercolour and oil and solar plate, now back to drawing using waterless lithographic method.

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Jill Harris

Jill is a Sydney based artist working predominantly in mixed media using printmaking techniques such as etching, drypoint, monotype, collage and drawing to produce layered unique prints and multiples.

Her work is held in private and local government collections and she is regularly selected for award exhibitions.

Jill enjoys the element of surprise which comes through undirected mark making, play, manipulation and controlled coincidence.

Process influences content which for the most part is highly abstract but periodically contains figurative aspects.

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Joanne Gwatkin-Williams

Joanne has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Aberystwyth University, Wales furthering her arts education in London and Sydney. She has been ‘artist in residence’ and volunteer art teacher at a number of Sydney schools as well as the Workshop Arts Centre in Willoughby.

She is currently concentrating on relief and monotype mediums and her influences reflect the family background of gardeners, artists, musicians and writers, frequently recalling the treasures that filled her great aunt’s Manor house and grounds in England. Stylistically she ranges form abstract to graphic. She is a member of the Sydney Printmakers.

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Judy Smith

I have always been particularly drawn to printmaking as a medium and find solar plates and aluminium etching suits my style very well.

I am constantly exploring and developing my methods to create original and interesting works. I find that the mood can vary from print to print by using different colour treatments, this produces prints which are individual and, although using the same plate, quite different from each other.

My main influences are the colours of the landscape of Australia, the beauty of trees and the seasonal changes of the natural environment and I always try to instil a feeling of mystery into my work.

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Laura Stark

Laura is based in Kareela, Sydney, close to the Royal National Park. She was born in Trieste, Italy, then emigrated to New Zealand and has lived in Australia since 1973.

Initially a painter, she mainly works with etching, collagraphs, photopolymer intaglio and mixed media. Her academic qualifications include a Dip Fine Art, a Dip Ed (Canterbury University NZ) and a Masters of Fine Art UNSW COFA. As a well respected educator, she has taught widely in tertiary institutions in New Zealand and Australia.

Laura is a member of many printmaking associations with which she exhibits regularly, notably the Sydney Printmakers (secretary 2001-3), the Print Circle, (president 1994-95) and Southern Printmakers (president 1985-86). She was also the NSW representative to the Print Council of Australia 1984-85.

Drawing upon personal experience, her work has explored themes of identity, dislocation and journeys. Her physical environment, from the skeletal forms of the New Zealand hills to the rich textural diversity of the Australian bush, continues to be a major inspiration.

Among her latest work is a series of mixed media works based on the giant abandoned cranes of the Cockatoo Island dockyard. In it she aims to record the atmosphere they evoke, the life they still seem to exude and to pay a tribute to their past glory.

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Maadi Einfield

Maadi was born in Newcastle, NSW.

Over her extensive career she has embraced and incorporated a wide variety of artistic disciplines. She studied painting under Desiderius Orban from 1964 - 72, and later with Rod Milgate. She has also undertaken courses held at the University of New South Wales in both Japanese woodcuts and soft sculpture.

Spinning and weaving tuition with Jutta Feddersen added another dimension to her work before embracing etching and printmaking with Elizabeth Rooney at the Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby where she attended classes throughout the 1970s.

Maadi has held nineteen solo exhibitions and won many awards including the NSW Bi-centennial Art Award for works on paper, the Janine Bravery Award in 2000 from the Miniature Print Purchase Award from the Centre for Contemporary Print Making, Connecticut, USA, in 2003.

Maadi prints her work at the Print Making Studio at the Workshop Arts Centre.

Melissa Basu

Melissa completed a degree in Fine Arts in the United Kingdom and a teaching qualification at Sydney University. She has been a teacher of Visual Arts for many years.

Melissa’s printmaking practice includes etching, solar plate, collagraphy and mixed media.

Drawing on inspiration from eastern philosophies, her work is inspired by ideas that relate to her spiritual journey through yoga and meditation as well as responses to everyday experiences. Melissa’s imagery can arise from personal experience or from a particular location. She is also interested in using the macrocosm/microcosm as a metaphor for internal and external states of being.

Melissa enjoys discovering ways in which her ideas can be symbolically represented as well as exploring the possibilities of printmaking processes themselves.

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Mieke Cohen

In recent years my art practise has returned to the landscape and in particular along banks, shores, cliffs and sandy creek beds.

The wonderous Australian landscape whether 'near or far’ never fails to fascinate.

The experience of sitting quietly drawing along a vast and remote winding river is my form of complete meditation.

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Naomi Woodlands

Naomi maintains her footing in both city and country with a studio constructed within an old disused grain silo on the family's Southern Tablelands property and a second studio nestled within a busy family home in a beachside Sydney suburb. These studio locations often provide Naomi with the inspiration for her work. .

The densely layered works depict the patterns and order within the natural world and often feature the mark of human interaction. She starts with shapes both known and familiar, a leaf, a vine, a rock and translates these into new variations and personal interpretations of beauty seen through her eyes.

Through layer upon layer of ink, stencils and plates are flipped slid and turned till the image emerges. The process is organic, free flowing and the results are often unpredictable, a process that Naomi welcomes and enjoys. The created work in its final form translates beyond representational patterns of the natural world and works to evoke memories and emotions within the viewer.

Olwen Cheung

Olwen Cheung is a Sydney based artist specializing in printmaking. Her principle technique is screen-printing on paper and she produces small print editions or unique state works often incorporating other techniques such as collage, paper cuts or embossing.

Inspiration for her imagery has come from memories of place; notions of identity; family; women, and the use of text.

Olwen has exhibited regularly as a member of the Print Circle since the 1980's and has also participated in numerous group shows, including at the Workshop Art Centre, and the Sutherland and Mosman Art Shows.

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Prue Crabbe

Prue Crabbe completed a B.A.(Hons) in Italian at the University of Sydney. After living overseas for several years she studied Drawing and Etching at the Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby, later going on to complete an Associate Diploma of Fine Arts and a Certificate of Advanced Printmaking at Hornsby TAFE.

Prue has exhibited widely since 1980, has won several awards and has taught Art to adolescents and children.

Her main interest is in imbuing manmade objects with mystery, using etching and digital media.

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Robyn Waghorn

In my work I am looking at landscape, conceptually.

My prints are about documentation of a space…the aftermath of bushfires.

Division of space is of particular interest. I use a grid and reformat the grid. The grid is flattened and ordered, it measures, it turns its back on nature, its flatness opposes landscape, crowding out dimensions of the "real" and creating tension.

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Tanya Crothers

Tanya graduated in architecture from the University of Sydney in 1965. Her subsequent studies included a Diploma in Education from UNE and several years of Graphic Design at Randwick TAFE. In 1969 she commenced classes in lithography at the Workshop Arts Centre with Michael West.

Tanya has been a teacher, tutor and printmaker for many years - exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Her work is represented in national and international collections and she has been commissioned by the Print Council of Australia to produce an edition of 50 prints.Tanya uses a variety of print media, particularly lithography, etching and lino. Recently she has combined her interest in painting with printmaking to produce a series of hand coloured collagraphs from cardboard plates. This medium has enabled her to work at a larger scale – creating bolder images that can be developed beyond a limited edition of identical prints.

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Wendy Morrison

Wendy joined the Print Circle in 2014 and exhibited with the group at Depot Gallery Dank Street in 2014. She is interested in experimenting with non-toxic printmaking methods, developing focal areas of colour and texture in her etchings.

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